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What is the outcome of this project?

 A 15-year plan that determines the feasibility and potential location of a mobility hub in the McFarland study area.

What is a Mobility Hub?

A mobility hub is a physical location that provides an integrated collection of mobility services, amenities, and supporting technologies. Services can include on-demand ridesharing, microtransit services, bikeshare, carshare, and micromobility parking and e-charging. Mobility hubs offer a safe, comfortable, convenient, and accessible space to transfer across different travel modes seamlessly.

Click here to view an interactive depiction of a mobility hub and find out more! Be sure to hover over the numbers to learn more about each feature.


How could a Mobility Hub benefit Forsyth County?

Connected Mobility: Establish regionally consistent and community-oriented mobility with options centered on convenient and affordable first-and-last mile access to transit.

Safety: Create a safe environment for users while creating a sense of community.

Sustainability: Reduce car dependency and encourage the use of sustainable/ zero emissions modes such as transit, shared mobility, biking, and walking.

Equity: Improve access for those with limited choices.

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