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McFarland Mobility Hub

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The McFarland Mobility Hub Feasibility Study is the first major initiative undertaken from the Link Forsyth Public Transportation Master Plan. Link Forsyth serves as the first ever public transportation master plan taken on by Forsyth County, Georgia, and set forth a program of improvements designed to capitalize on the changing transportation environment that is inclusive of all county residents. The plan also established a framework for mobility beyond the county’s borders recognizing the County’s role as a regional partner with strong economic and social drivers in the larger metro Atlanta area. The McFarland Mobility Hub Feasibility Study will ultimately determine the feasibility and potential location of a mobility hub in the McFarland area of Forsyth County.

Welcome to the project information site for the McFarland Mobility Hub Feasibility Study. Help make Forsyth County more mobile!

What is the Goal of this Project?

To create a multimodal hub in the McFarland area that seamlessly introduces multiple modes including cycling, walking, transit, and driving while including elements that accommodate for emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles and air taxis.

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